Sustainable Manufacturing Processes & Systems

Sustainable Manufacturing Process & Systems

Novel sustainable production systems to minimize environmental loads for the manufacture of micro/meso-scale features and components are developed in this research thrust. In particular, the sustainable mechanical milling, drilling and grinding processes for difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium and nickel alloys are developed and their performances are evaluated. In addition, the new cooling and lubrication systems combining cryogenic gas flow and nanofluid are designed, fabricated and optimized to enhance the sustainability.

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Project History

2014-2019, Development of Liquid Nitrogen Based Cryogenic Machining Technology and System For Titanium and CGI Machining (KEIT)

2013-2016, Development of Environment-Friendly Micromachining Technology and System for Difficult-to-Cut Material (NRF)

2009-2011, Development of Environment-Friendly Nanofluid MQL Micromachining Technology (NRF) 

2008-2009, Development of Micro/Meso-Scale Grinding Machine Tool System (KRF)
2006-2008, Development of Dry Micro/Nano Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) System for Micro/Nano-Scale
Manufacturing (KRF)

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