System Design and Control

Interdisciplinary Design & Innovation

In this research thrust, the interdisciplinary design and innovation education program is being developed based on the design thinking process and strategic innovation frameworks. The above-mentioned frameworks start from deep understanding on humans and their contexts, which requires an inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches. The detailed pedagogical methodologies are continuously developed to maximize educational effects of the interdisciplinary approach by providing a systematical guidance to designers, engineers and innovators.


  design thinking process.png


Project History

2017-2021, Development of High Performance Fundamental Technology for Smart Textronics (GSTEP)

2017-2021, Development of Smart Textronics based on Intelligent Electronic Fiber (MSIT) 

2011-2013, Activity Monitoring and Energy Management for Advancing Building Energy Efficiency (KETEP)

2008-2013, Development of Product-Service Systems Design Technology (MKE)

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