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Smart Factory - Smart Manufacturing Systems

This research thrust involves the development of advanced monitoring, diagnosis and quality prediction algorithms and systems for the injection molding process and mechanical machining process. The data collection based on sensors and sensor networks, feature extraction and modeling for the process diagnosis and quality prediction are major research issues. In addition, the development of a smart embedded system for the process monitoring and quality prediction is another important research theme.


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Project History 

2016-2021, Development of Prognostics and Quality Improvement Technologies for Enhancing Productivity and Yield Rate of Automobile

                   Components by Minimizing Downtime of Manufacturing Robots/Process Equipment (KEIT)

2015-2018, Development of IoT & Cyber Physical System (CPS) Based Smart Factory Technology for 3D Printing Process (NRF)

2015-2016, Development of IoT Based Smart Embedded System for Monitoring and Diagnosis Machining Process (SMBA)

2011-2015, Development of BIS Based Injection Molding System with Rapid Response Ability and Autonomous Intelligence (KEIT)

2011-2013, Development of Next-Generation Torque Converter for FWD 9-Speed A/T. (KEIT)

2010-2011, Development of Vehicle Frame Structures and Powertrain Module for Full Speed EV Car (GRRC, AD-TECS)

2007-2009, An Empirical Analysis of the Comfort Algorism for System Air Conditioner (Samsung Electronics)

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