Advaned Design and Manufacturing Engineering


This course covers the advanced design and manufacturing engineering. Topics covered include:

* Introduction Design Creativity, Design Cognition, Design Interaction

* Advanced Design Theory and Methodology - Various Design for X theories and methodologies
* Basic and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies - Casting, Forming, Machining, Welding, etc.
   - Laser-based machining, Bio-manufacturing, 3D Printing, etc.
* Manufacturing Systems - Fundamentals, Complexity and Organization Issues Term Projects and Final Evaluations


Micro-Manufacturing System


This course covers the design of micro manufacturing system based on the study of micro manufacturing processes and system. Topics covered include:

* Overview of micro manufacturing system 

* Micro milling, Micro drilling, Micro turning, Micro grinding 

* Micro electro-discharge machinig (EDM)

* Micro electro-chemical machining (ECM)

Precision Machine Design


This course covers design theory and term projects to cultivate the development capability of systems ranging from consumer products and machine tools. Topics covered include: 

* Economics in design, Project management 

* Design theory and methodology

* Precision engineering theory 

* Precision measurement

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