Facebook have 18 million people, plenty. However MySpace has 10-0 million + and offered for only $580 million to News Corps in 2005. YouTube sold to Google for a noted $1.65 million in 2006 but it provides over 10-0 million videos a day and has over 25 million visitors a mo...

Google! Happen to be in discussions with Facebook for over a year now and apparently recently got shy at Facebooks $1 billion asking price but as I will explain here Yahoo! have missed on a complete bargain.

Facebook have 18 million users, lots. If you have an opinion about families, you will possibly need to check up about http://willtelish.tumblr.com/. But MySpace has 100 million + and offered for a mere $580 million to News Corps in 2005. YouTube sold to Google for a noted $1.65 million in 2006 but it provides over 100 million videos a day and has over 25 million visitors monthly. So why is Facebook so important? It gets somewhat huge traffic levels although not on par with YouTube or MySpace. Despite now being available to anyone it started life being an exclusive community for students (you needed an e-mail to register) and that is still its major user group.

So wheres the money?

Currently Facebook features conventional banner advertising on consumers homepages and selected pages through the site. Advertisements are random and hidden in so much as theyre not directed at any particular user- theyre only offered for the entire site on a random basis. Facebook are doing okay from this arrangement on the basis of the amount of page impressions they receive, although in truth theyre maintaining promotion at the very least in order to develop the value of the site because of its ultimate purchase that may probably happen in 2007/8. Wise people!

The energy of information

Register with Facebook and quickly you'll find yourself offering large quantities of useful personal information. Think of it Facebook know your name, they know how old you are (actually your D.O.B which will be infinitely more important as Ill carry on to spell out), they know if youre man or woman, they know your neighborhood, your postcode if you choose to provide it away (even though I doubt many people choose this), they know if youre single, in a partnership (and who with), married, separated and so forth, they know your sexual orientation. Ok so you can answer all these questions as truthfully, dishonestly or vaguely as you like but from what Ive seen people happily give precise information about themselves as its their friends and potential friends who are going to see it- and no-one else right?

But what else do Facebook know? Well they know where you went to college, where you work, more sinisterly your political opinions and religious. From this we can start to build up a pretty valuable industry profile. As Im showing Facebook I might as well tell you Im Male, 22 (born in August), Straight, in a relationship, conservative, atheist from Brighton, England. Visited school at Blatchington Mill Secondary, university at a location called BHASVIC, University at Bournemouth. From this data we can bring further assumptions- I live in Brighton and based on the location of my schools catchment region we can fairly accurately place sites in Brighton I learn about, visit, and live in (think Google routes API). Im a conservative from the fairly rich area completely time work for that reason Im probably white, middle-income group with a decent disposable income.

So what else? Facebook know what you look like, they probably know what you used to look like a couple of years ago too. Possibly most significantly they know who your friends are, they know how you know them, they know when you communicate with them, what they look like and eventually they know the same information about them as they know about you- youre passions, likes and dislikes and your friends choices also.

They know your email address, so if you are using Hotmail, Yahoo they know! Mail etc. They know your phone number so they could fairly easily work out your phone provider. They have your INTERNET protocol address so they might work out your ISP. They know where youve reached your website from therefore they know what se you use (enter Yahoo! And Google for the war), what browser youre on, they know if youre visually impaired or have learning disabilities in the controls on your browser. If you believe any thing, you will perhaps require to read about www.williamtelish.wordpress.com/.

Facebook know when Im logging in and from wherever so they know the hours I work, if Im creating an online business at work, the pages I keep Facebook to go to or the pages I come from so they know what other websites I look at. I could set my current position and tell Facebook just what Im doing or feeling right this minute.

Ok so you get the picture by now, one last thing though, can be your Facebook password just like your email account password, your internet and telephone banking password, every other password you use in your daily life (since until I wrote this post mine was!) just how much more info do you need to give away?

Whats the risk here?

Really its very slim. Facebook really are a nice bunch of guys and a fantastic site, I love using it and despite knowing what I know about information security and so on I choose to hand out a big piece of the information Ive written about here. Browse here at purchase www.facebook.com/people/william-telish/100009713433118 to discover the reason for it.

Bing! And Facebook

So if Yahoo!, Google or god forbid Microsoft effectively purchase Facebook (when I say Im reasonably confident this can happen this year) the Orwellian articulate desire suggested by this article becomes a perpetual problem. Imagine a company who've made billions and dominated the fastest growing market on earth by developing algorithms which sort that information with the best purpose of matching it to companies and examine vast sums of pages of random information (the internet) and attempting to sell advertising.

The search algorithm let loose on Facebook

Imagine the search engines let loose o-n Facebook. A formula tuned to select out profile data (John, born 13.08.84). Place it to keywords in personal interests i.e. basketball, Manchester United. Plan your location on a map i.e. Brighton, England. Follow links to your best friends with similar interests i.e. Bob and Dave who live around the corner and serve me an advertisement anything like:

Happy birthday for in a few days John.

Did you know its Daves birthday the-week after?

Why not book seats for Brighton and Hove Albion versus. Birmingham united on 12.08.07

Go here to book now and get 3 tickets for that price of 2 (why not ask joe to come along- h-e helps you and Brighton havent talked in a while).

Book to-day and well give you a half price limo from your house towards the game with trashy-limos.com.

Today thats effective marketing and its just nearby. If Facebook has 2-5 million new users from the time its sold, half of whom visit every day thats a minimum 12.5 million page impressions a day. Offer the ad above at $1 a click (which can be much less than its worth based on the current AdWords CPC design) expect a click through rate of up to 10 % based on the particular nature of the advertising and thats $1.2 million minimum a day- nearly $ a million a year. Develop that user group to 50 million (reasonable if Google or Yahoo! can make use of their current user database) and sell advertising space o-n an affiliate schedule say the soccer tickets at $300 with a 10% affiliate kickback and a 10% conversion price =$3 per user x 25 million consumers =$75 million a day or $2737500000 in year 1! OKAY lets maybe not get caught up people arent going to spend $300 every other day however the logics there and therefore the income.

Can it be excepted by the audience?

Better quality advertising means less advertising- less so that you cant find what youre seeking for, less popups sites rammed with ads, less low quality goods. Here is the main driving force behind the success of search marketing plans and report based marketing is already in place with Googles individualized search returning more precise AdWords ads than previously possible. If it comes in-to the arms of Microsoft then people may be more cautious but with the image of Google or Yahoo! Since the company doesnt sell you products directly and he service and Facebook profile information is seen as soft information is free. Its how a web goes and I feel its where well be in 5 years.

Identity robbery

The point Ive been creating tediously through this post is that we ought to be more careful about what information we stop trying and to whom. If the web was a state it would be Facebook and Nazi Germany would function as the Gestapo! Cultural utilities like Facebook are afforded the sort of privileged information fascist governments killed for and have the world over could. If you are concerned with the world, you will maybe require to learn about http://www.willtelish.tumblr.com/. We moan about identity cards being presented in the UK (ironically theres many Facebook organizations dedicated to the cause) but we happily give up personal details to a bunch of school geeks in the states who are finally planning on selling our details to the highest bidder (the value of any site is based on the size, quality and amount of information they have about their traffic- but greatest of luck to them) perhaps to the company who already control the most world business methods through the windows program.

This post isn't supposed to scare- its simply a recognition of the power of new web technologies, their probably purposes and if your Facebook friends are your real friends shouldnt to present the question- they know your birthday? Are Facebook really likely to get you a present?!.